Ongoing Projects

» Monitoring of Area Coverage and Survival Percentages of Plantation / Afforestation under National Afforestation Programme (NAP)
» Assessment of Coral Reefs in India
» Assessment of Mangroves in India
» Near Real Time Monitoring of Active Fires Using MODIS Based Web Fire Mapper
» Inventory of Forest/Tree resources in East districts of Sikkim
» National Forest type Mapping

Completed Projects

» Assessment of Pasture Lands in Himalayan Alpine Pastures in the country
» Shifting cultivation in North-Eastern Hill States
» Monitoring of Forest Cover in Selected Protected Areal
» Application of GIS in Watershed Management
» Status of Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves
» Assessment of Burnt Area due to Forest Fire
» Assessment of Growing Stock and Increment in India's Forests
» Report on Mining Leases in Forest Areas
» Report on Shifting cultivation
» Damage Assessment due to Super Cyclone in Orissa
» Assessment of burnt area in UP Hills(Uttaranchal)
» Application of Geomatics for Generating Baseline Data for Working Plan: Mizoram
» Change Assessment in Forest Cover using Remote Sensing Technology for FRA 2000
» Regional Special Study- FAO, FRA-2000 Project: Valuation & Evaluation of Trees Outside Forests(TOF)
» Assessment of Growing Stock, Biomass and Carbon in India’s Forests
» Forest Cover in Tiger Reserves of India: Status and Changes
» Rapid Assessment of Damage to Ecological Resources due to Tsunami
» Geo-spatial Database for Corbett National Park
» Pilot study on Assessment of Status of Sustainability of Forest Resources in India
» Training Manual on Inventory of Trees Outside Forest (TOF) -EC-FAO- Partnership Programme
» Report on Inventory of Trees Outside Forests (TOF) in Punjab
» Micro Mission Document on Bamboo
» Assessment of Forest Cover in Adjoining Areas of the Proposed Link Canals and Water Reservois
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